Doreen Chambers on NBC's "George to the Rescue"
Recently, Doreen Chambers, a top New York interior designer, had the privilege of designing a brand new bedroom for a very special little girl named Katie. Doreen also contributed her design expertise to other rooms of the family's New York home. Click the picture to view the show... (Please note Doreen is introduced 3 minutes into the second clip.)
doreen chambers interiors
Sophisticated and elegant. Luxurious and classic. These are the kinds of spaces created by award-winning interior designer Doreen Chambers.

Doreen Chambers has been named one of America's Top 25 Interior Designers by House Beautiful Magazine and has worked with trendsetters from Donna Karan to renowned architect Peter Marino. Yet she maintains an easy professionalism that takes the anxiety out of what should be an enjoyable and exciting process for her clients.

From Manhattan to South Florida, Doreen Chambers creates both spectacular interiors and comfortable relationships.

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